• Flour Milling
    Post time: Mar-10-2021

    Flour mill equipment screw conveyor In flour mills, screw conveyors are often used for conveying materials. They are conveying machines that rely on rotating spirals to push bulk materials for horizontal movement or inclined conveyance. TLSS series ...Read more »

  • Flour Mill Plant Plansifter Machine / Plansifter For Rice Grinding Mills
    Post time: Mar-10-2021

    FSFG series plansifter widely applied in modern flour mill plant and rice grinding mills.Mainly used for grinded wheat and middle material sifting, can also be used for flour check sifting. Different sieving design serves for different sifting passages and different midd...Read more »

  • Stone-removing process in flour mill
    Post time: Mar-10-2021

    In the flour mill, the process of removing the stones from the wheat is called de-stone. Large and small stones with different particle sizes than those of wheat can be removed by simple screening methods, while some stones that have same size as wheat require specialize...Read more »

  • Expo News
    Post time: Mar-09-2021

    The food industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy, and food machinery is the industry that provides equipment for the food industry. With the improvement of people's requirements for food culture and the prosperity of restaurants, restaurants, and othe...Read more »